About Vicki


I grew up playing escondite — hide-and-seek — and soccer games in streets with friends for hours in the last bits of warm evening light as the adults enjoyed wine and tapas. We mastered the art of dashing into the bar to eat our tapa and our fanta or coca-cola, and dashing back out again to continue our important games, only to stop when we were informed that it was very late, usually way past dark, and time to go home. Now, I enjoy my glass of wine and tapa as an adult and watch the little ones running around outside, darting in and out just as we did.

Born in Washington D.C. to a Spanish mother and an American father, I grew up between Spain and the US experiencing the joys of biculturalism and dual citizenship from birth. I spent countless hours with my Spanish family — eating long meals, including dinners that start well past 9:00, enjoying the sobremesa, or the time spent sitting around and chatting after, and always eating salad after the main after the meal.

I spent magical summers running up and down the beaches all over the North Coast, from Galicia, to Cantabria, to Asturias; eating fresh pulpo, or octopus, in Galicia, more shrimp than can possibly be good for one person, and celebrating town festivals by staying up all night and dancing with family and friends of all ages in small towns. In later years, we spent summers in the South, getting to know the Atlantic coast of Cadiz and the amazing beaches and small, white-washed hilltop villages know for their beauty, quaintness, and sherry.

More recently, I spent several years living and working in Madrid, received a masters degree from Universidad Carlos III, spent a summer living in Salamanca, and many, many weekends in Granada and small towns in Andalucia.

I am passionate about sharing my depth of knowledge of and love for Spain. It’s a truly unique and beautiful country.  I would love to help you understand Spain on a deeper level and plan a unique trip customized to your interests and priorities that allows you to live, breath, eat, and experience Spain like a local.