About Las Tres Marias Spain

Las Tres Marias was born when I decided to take my lifelong passion for all things Spain and Spanish and merge it with my love of creating a service of meaning and value for others.

For years, I have been giving all sorts of advice to friends traveling to Spain. I loved giving input on itineraries and making tailored recommendations about what to see and do. I discovered that what I enjoy the most is sharing Spanish culture and, through helping people understand what to expect and how best to structure and approach their travels, how to have a truly authentic experience traveling in Spain.

Las Tres Marias offers detailed, customized planning and itineraries for your ideal trip to Spain. We offer two planning services, Spain Trip Coaching and Gold Spain Trip Planning, to help you experience Spain like a local.

Read more about the services here and see our comparison chart here.

If you’re wondering why I picked the name I did and why there are so many Marias in Spain,  you can read all about that here.