Las Tres Marias Spain Mission, Vision, and Values


Our vision is to create long-lasting connections between travelers and Spain, and to spark a lifelong interest in the country, its people, culture, history, food and wine.  


Our mission is to create meticulously researched and planned customized travel itineraries that provide unique and in-depth travel experiences in Spain for independent and luxury travelers.


Spain Expertise —  Las Tres Marias specializes in Spain. I am Spanish, hold dual citizenship, and have lived in Spain full time. I do the majority of my research in Spanish from Spain-based sources and, because I am bilingual and speak fluent Spanish, I can cultivate personal relationships with guides and others over years. I can make best recommendations for clients based on this insider perspective and experience, and not rely on an what is directed to a foreign audience.

Customization — We design exceptionally customized and personalized itineraries based on clients’ interests, preferences, and needs. We are focus on all client needs, interests, and details, not just commission-producing items. Read more here about our fee model and how it allows LTM Spain to create a fully customized experience. 

Transparency —  We use a clear, fee-based model so that clients always know exactly what they are paying LTM Spain and the exact price of every recommendation they receive, from guides to hotels and everything in between. We do not believe in withholding any information. There are no opaque packages where the client is presented one total for their entire trip and has no idea how much anything costs.

Culture and Lifestyle— LTM Spain values the connection between travel and culture. We understand that you don’t want to visit Spain to simply check boxes off a list, but that you want to go below the surface and experience the country’s culture and, perhaps, live like a Spaniard for the time you are in Spain. 

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