Las Tres Marias Spain Travel Philosophy and Spain Trip Planning Services

Madrid Plaza Mayor Arch

Spain in Depth

You want to travel to Spain to understand what all the fuss is about, to experience the amazing food and wine, to see locals bantering and gesticulating at each other in bars, to understand what exactly tapas are and to try lots of them, see famous artwork and stunning beaches, maybe to catch a flamenco show or cheer on a soccer team surrounded by locals.

You are an experienced traveler and not interested in simply scratching the surface, or checking tourist sites off a list.

You want to understand your surroundings and to delve into local culture. You want to experience Spain in depth, on your terms.

Confidence that Allows for Serendipity

Pilar Guzmán, the Editor-in-Chief of Condé Nast Traveler, stated, “we still believe that the very best kind of travel comes when we are armed with the right information, itineraries, on the ground intel—and, yes, technology to move through the world with a confidence that allows for serendipity.”

Our travel philosophy is to do just this — to arm you the with the necessary tools — a meticulously planned, completely customized itinerary based on your needs and interests, fantastic local guides, insider knowledge and logistical support — that allow you to have wonderful, serendipitous experiences and to live the magic of Spain.

Our unique model means we can obsess over the smallest details of your trip to make sure it’s fully tailored to your needs.

This precision and structure, and our in-depth Spain knowledge means Your Las Marias Spain trip allows for this magical serendipity — whether it’s a long, leisurely lunch in a hidden, locals only restaurant, popping back into a bar you discovered with your wonderful tour guide earlier in the day, or driving through off-the-beaten path parts of wine country.


You want to have an immersive experience without extensive preparation. You don’t want to have to focus on a million details or memorize the history of every city you visit– you’re not doing dissertation research, you’re traveling to Spain to see, feel, taste, and experience the country fully and to have an incredible and immersive experience.

We make sure you’re in the right places, at the right times, with the right experiences planned, catered to your interests, and the right logistical support to make sure this happens. 

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