Las Tres Marias Spain Trip Planning Services


Las Tres Marias Spain currently has two Spain trip planning services. See the table at the bottom for a line item comparison or read the descriptions of the different services.

Spain Trip Coaching

With the Spain trip coaching service, I will coach you over 7 days to plan your perfect trip to Spain. I provide unlimited travel advice on the overall flow of your trip, restaurants, activities, hotels, and intra-transportation options. I give you suggestions and a proposed itinerary and you make decisions and book on your own based on the information we discuss. This whole process happens over email, do you don’t have to worry about taking notes and writing everything down while on a phone call.  

This planning does not need to be done far in advance of your trip and could be done if you’re already in Spain and you realize you need help figuring things out. The most important thing is to get on my calendar so I have time planned out every day to answer you questions, give suggestions, and provide feedback.

The 7 days can be split up into 2 sets of 3.5 days. If you finish your 7 days of planning and decide that you want to go for the Basic Trip Planning, your coaching fee will be credited towards the total for Basic Trip Planning.

This service is right for you if are overwhelmed by the amount of information available about Spain, not sure what you want to see or do, or need expert input and advice about the overall flow of your trip,  but you also want a lighter touch.

Spain Gold Trip Planning

With the Gold Trip Planning service, we work together to plan your perfect trip to Spain. This service includes unlimited advice on all aspects of your Spain trip — overall flow, hotels, restaurants, activities, and inter-Spain transfers.  I book hotels, activities like winery visits and guides, transportation, and one restaurant per day for the duration of your trip to Spain.

See the chart below for a helpful side-by-side comparison of services and fees.

It’s best to start this process about 4-5 months before your trip for a low-stress and relaxed planning process. We need at least 2.5 months to plan your trip and we can always start earlier as well.